flying on an airplane for vacation

The life of a jet-setter. Does that come when you retire? For now, we’ll take any get-away we can and make the most of it. From an hour away from home to out-of-the-country adventures, I love exploring new places and having something to look forward to.

Sunset on the lake and mountains in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Califonia

For our family, we typically have at least one ski trip, one summer mountain trip, one water-themed (beach, lake, resort with water park) trip and visits back home every year. Bonus if the hubs and I can take a solo trip. There’s such a wide spectrum, and it’s hard to say what I most look forward to.

family on the ski slopes in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Planning is key to have the best travel experience possible. Especially when you have little humans with you who have limited patience and attention spans. So do your research, read the reviews, and we’ll tell you about our destinations and experiences along the way if you want to hit the copy/paste button. I seriously survive off of other people’s research and recommendations. Cheers and happy traveling to you!

cloudy beach with palm trees and lifeguard stand in South Beach, Miami, Florida