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Topknots & Takout

With age comes wisdom, and luckily, God willing, I have many years ahead of me.

A sister is a beautiful thing. I know not everyone struck my pot of gold in their sis, but mine is the best.

We live In a world of comparison. Where everyone shows their best (x) and we’re constantly holding ourselves up to other people’s standards. Truth is, we’re all different and my version of my best self is different from your best self. We have different body types, lifestyles, careers, styles, strengths and weaknesses. You can cook an epic meal for your family every night and I can navigate all the takeout apps like no other. Can I get an amen?

In my infinite wisdom, the most valuable motto is “you do you.” I’m going to do laundry for my family of 4.5 once a week, cook* dinner maybe twice per week (on a good week), laugh, love on my family, be ok with a messy house way more often than I would like, work hard(er) than I necessarily want because I’m OCD, workout as often as I can, and soak up all that life throws my way.

Whether Topknots & Takeout draws five visitors or five million, I find joy in sharing this journey with my sister and each of you.

-XOXO, Erica

We’re glad to have you along in our journey and look forward to sharing a sisterhood with you!


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