So, You’re a Mom…You Don’t Have To Look Like One

Remember when you were 18, about to “go out”? You planned your outfit, you knew just what was in style, and when you went out, you were generally wearing the same thing as every other 18 year old girl. Now….now, if you were to go that same place you would feel like a dinosaur.  Somewhere between then and now, you lost your style, and maybe even your give-a-****er. Work, kids, and life (maybe your insecurities about your body) got in the way, and you lost touch with the trends. Well, I’m here to tell you, that even moms can be trendy. I’m not suggesting if you’re 36, you need to try to look like an 18 year old…that’s too much, but a mom can stay on trend. I use the term mom generally. Mom in this case is a woman who could be a mom…someone 30 or over. Let’s take a look at few easy ways that mommas can wear trends this fall. Don’t give up! Being trendy is still for you!!


neon, fall trends, sweaters, sweater weather, mom jeans

Let me start by saying that with neons and all of the trends, a little dab will do ya. If you go all in, you’ll look like you’re wearing a costume, and that’s certainly not the look anyone’s going for. With neon, pretend that it’s a neutral. Let’s say, for example, you’re wearing jeans, a purple chunky sweater, and heels. You might want to wear gold earrings, but neon yellow or green earrings or clutch would be perfect!

If you had on a brown silk cami with ripped jeans, try adding a neon orange belt.

In this picture, I’m wearing a Free People sweater that is color blocked with neon blue sleeves….that’s about as low commitment as you can get!

neon belts, neon, belts, touch of neonClutch, neon clutch, fall trends


Camo, fall trends, camo trend

This trend is huge this fall, and it’s easy to look like you’re going hunting if you take it too far. ONE piece of camo at a time and one only!!

I love a camo jacket with jeans, maybe a camo tank that shows a little under a sweater, or if you’re like me, bring it to the gym, and wear camo leggings or sports bra.  Another way to ease into this trend is by simply wearing army green….maybe some cute army green skinny jeans, or “army jacket”.


western, fall trends, western trend

I love this one, and you don’t have to be a cowgirl to pull it off!  I love to pair a prairie dress or top and jeans with a western purse, belt or boots.  I got this super cute vintage leather purse on Etsy, and I think it was the perfect touch with this short prairie dress.

IF you wear jeans and boots, I would for sure do a really soft, feminine top to offset it.


Last (for now), but not least, leopard print.  My goodness, did I wear the dog out of leopard when I was in college, and now it’s back again.  Add a touch of leopard print with a belt, some shoes, a sweater, even a dress.  I can’t imagine that you would feel inclined, but do not wear a leopard print belt, shoes, sweater, and dress at the same time. I might even limit my leopard print purchases….a little goes a looooong way.


These are a few trends that I am seeing this fall, and ways that even mamas can wear them.  Don’t be afraid to be trendy.  There’s no age limit for trends, it’s just how you style them that matters.  Go for it, hot mama!

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