Playroom Makeover: making a functional and organized space for the whole family to enjoy

New room, who dis?

We have a landing area upstairs in our house that sat looking reaaaaallllyyy ugly for three plus years. I’m not sure why I didn’t act more quickly, but a room makeover was in my plan from the day we looked at the house. We had it “furnished” with an old IKEA media stand, a TV that was on its last leg, a brown faux leather sectional and nothing on the walls. You can paint this pretty picture for yourself. 😉

While this room isn’t solely a playroom, we do store toys and I did think the kids would use the space the most. So I wanted it to be a playful space and not be afraid to use colors. Here’s how we turned this room from drab to fab.

Built-In Desk and Cabinets

built in storage with two seating areas in playroom

I wanted to add built-ins to make it more functional. My goal/requirements were:

  • Storage for crafts and art supplies
  • Desk the kids could create on and eventually do homework on and use laptops
  • A seating area for each kid
  • Space to put a TV
  • And of course be purdy

I am happy to say that we achieved all of those things. Contractors can be flaky as heck if you don’t do your research, but I found a great one in Fort Worth after reading lots of reviews. Drop me a line if you’re in FW and want deets. For the desktop, I chose a laminate with a marble look. We can replace it with something nicer down the road, but for now, I don’t want to worry about messing it up when the littles are creating. I picked out brass pulls and knobs for the hardware that I love. We did a white beadboard in the back to make it all come together. I hunted down these super cute acrylic and white chairs. So the built-ins alone made this room super functional and stepped up the look 100%.

child coloring at desk in acrylic and white chair in front of brass pull drawer



I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a couch, because… toddlers. As hard as you try to keep them clean, you turn around and someone is rubbing pizza grease from their face on your new white couch. So I kept my eyes peeled for some time for something to speak to me. Finally, this daybed spoke to me (similar option linked here). It is deep, simple, reasonably priced, and it has a pull-out trundle. Now here comes my brilliance. I wanted toy storage, but I didn’t want toy storage bins overtaking the room. So instead of a mattress in the trundle, I lined it with four under-bed storage bins to hold toys. I mean, I think that was a true strike of genius. When we’re out of the toy stage of life and in the sleepover stage, we can ditch the bins and add a mattress.

For the bedding, I wanted to keep it simple since I had a lot of pattern and colors through the rug and curtains, and again, not spend too much knowing that it’s high traffic and used by messy kids. I loved these white tassel euro shams (pillow inserts) and a simple gray quilt.

view of planters, couch, art and curtins in the playroom with a fun colorful rug


closer look at art and bedding in playroom

In my dream world, I wanted to wallpaper the room. Keith was not too keen on that idea. Nor was he keen on the idea of a chandelier vs a fan. He likes a fan in every room. I compromised and said I would skip the wallpaper if I could get a chandelier. And then I found a really big piece of art. I fell in love with this the second I saw it at Anthropologie. When it went on sale 20% off, I snagged it. I thought the “Enjoy the Little Things” brass wall hanging was perfect for the space!

One small mirror with tassels completed the nook to the side of the couch with wall planters. I love to add some plants to every room.

The Rest

Finished off with a fun rug, striped pom curtains with brass curtain rod and a cute chandelier and the room was complete. What do you think? This was a super fun design project for me!

closer look at art in playroom with view of puka shell chandelier

functional playroom with built in desk and cabinets

mom sitting on couch with tassel pillows in playroom

-xoxo, Erica

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