Packing School Lunches

Okay, since doing a couple of stories about packing school lunches, Erica and I have had a few questions about what we pack in our kids’ lunch boxes.  Since I am always looking for new, easy ideas for things to pack in the kids’ lunch, and I’m sure other people are too, we’ve decided to show you our basic school lunch box routine.

First, the lunch boxes

Erica uses Yubo lunchboxes. You can get them from Amazon or find more options and customization direct from Yubo. Each piece is dishwasher safe – including the lunchbox itself! You can get several types of containers to use based on the lunch you pack. And it of course has an ice pack, so it’s all there together. The front and back faceplates can be personalized and are interchangeable, so you can use the same box year after year, or even freshen it up with new designs throughout the year.

Yubo luchboxes for kids and toddler lunches

I have been using these bento style boxes from Amazon, and I love them.  I like to have a separated container, and most of all, I like that they go in the dishwasher (and that they are super cheap:)). These easily fit in all three of my kids’ lunch boxes.

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Now, on to the lunch

In my kids’ lunch, I like to pack a sandwich, two boiled eggs, and a fruit leather in the big section of the container, some carrot sticks and ranch for Jake, and cherry tomatoes for Ava in the medium section, and something sweet in the small section….maybe a couple Oreo’s, or some fruit snacks.  Luckily, my kids aren’t that big on sweets, so I have it easy with that, and sometimes I don’t pack anything sweet at all, the fruit is the “sweet” thing.

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To make it easy with the sandwiches, I spend a grand total of five minutes at the beginning of the week, and I take a big loaf of french bread, hollow it out, and cover the inside top and bottom with cheese slices.  Then, I fill the inside with meat (Ava’s side turkey, Jake’s ham).  I close it, and cut it all the way down in small sandwiches, and wrap them individually tightly so they don’t dry out, and I just pop a sandwich in their lunches every morning instead of having to get sandwich stuff out.

For Genevieve’s lunch, I do things a little different.  She won’t eat a sandwich, so I usually just tear up a little sandwich meat, add in a string cheese, an apple squeeze pouch, an Annie’s fruit snack, a little fruit, and a Danimal’s (the little yogurt drink).  Wow…that sounds like a ton of food for a two year old when I write it all down, but that’s what I do.  Maybe a portion of that would be sufficient for your child’s lunch:).

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Some other ideas for lunches are:

  • Cheese and ham/turkey roll-ups (melt on a tortilla and roll up!)
  • Mini bagel sandwiches
  • Pb&J roll-ups (same concept, but in a piece of bread)… for those of you who don’t have peanut allergy rooms
  • Mini corn dogs
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Yogurt tubes or pouches (we like Chobani Kids)
  • DIY lunchable with deli fresh meat, cheese and crackers
  • Pickle spears
  • Quesadilla
  • Goldfish
  • Bagel Bites/mini pizzas
  • Fruit (I prefer fruit that I don’t have to cut)
  • Fruit cups (we try to go for fresh fruit, but these work in a pinch)
  • Fruit leather I find it the cheapest on Amazon
  • Granola bars
  • Pretzels
  • Cheese sticks or Babybels
  • Any veggie sticks (carrots, celery, broccoli, bell peppers) with ranch

carrots, carrots and ranch, snack, lunch, lunch box, lunch time

I like to buy as much of my food in bulk as possible if I think I can use it up before it will spoil.  Costco has some good options for prepackaged snacks, and I always love their produce.

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If nothing else, I hope this has sparked some ideas for your next lunch packing session. If not, there’s always Lunchables, and you won’t have to think about it at all:).

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