Root Boost to Give My Hair Instant Volume: I Have It, You’ll Want It

Faking It

Some people were born with it, some people have been faking it for years.  I’m talking about thick hair.  You know those little clear baby ponytail holders at the grocery store?  Those are plenty sufficient to hold my hair up.  And along with thin hair comes no volume for me, so I have to find a way to fake it.  I don’t have extensions, although I’m not opposed to them, but I have found the best root boost to change my hair game!

Moroccanoil Root Boost makes me look like I have twice as much hair as I actually have, AND it gives me an extra day before I have to wash my hair!  I just spray it on my roots when my hair is damp from the shower, and blow dry my hair upside down.  When my hair is dry, I style it as usual.


Moroccanoil Root Boost

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I LOVE this stuff, and if you have thin, fine hair like I do, I think you’ll love it too!  I bought mine online from Nordstom’s, but it’s also on Amazon for you Prime members, so check around for a good deal.

all smiles, more volume, love your hair

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