InStyle Or InLove?

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Home is where the heart is.  That’s what they say, but is it what your home really says?  We all want those magazine houses.  The ones with the most “InStyle” furniture and decorations.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the latest trends, but is that really what you  love, or is it what you think you should love?

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The problem with always decorating in the latest and greatest trends is that you will ALWAYS be having to redo to keep up.  Why not treat your home like you do your wardrobe?  Buy nice, classic investment pieces, and make the rest fit you and your style.  It’s a great idea to stay on top of trends, but if your home is only a reflection of what you’ve seen in a magazine, and not the things that make your heart happy, it seems like you’ll never truly be happy in your own home….no matter how beautiful it is.

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Try this next the time you are out shopping: instead of only looking for what you think are the “trends”, look for what speaks to you.  When you see something that you love, think about what it is that you love about it, and if it would work in your space, or if something like it would work.  Maybe it’s a certain color you love, or you’re drawn to shells, pottery, lemons, etc…..start to pay attention to these things, and hone in on them.  Once you start to realize what it is that you’re in to, it makes decorating your house more fun.  And don’t be afraid!  This is YOUR HOUSE…YOUR STYLE.  If you want to love where you live, you need to love the things you’re surrounded by.

This week, take one step toward making your home somewhere you’d love to live.  Party on, and love where you live!