Go Ahead, Make Her Day: Little acts of kindness that make a big impact

If anyone is guilty of getting wrapped up in their own world, it’s me. My to-do list, meetings, appointments, problems, etc. run through my head as I race through life. Don’t talk world news to me, because I don’t know about it. Go ahead, judge on. Has anyone ever done anything nice for you that made you stop in your tracks?

The other day I was venting to a friend after our workout class about my horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day I had the day before. Alexander, anyone? One that ended in me essentially getting kicked out of a school because Fynn was crying, okay like screaming, while Del was in swim lessons and ended in me crying in the car. Mama said there’d be days like this. Apparently not over it the next day, I unloaded on my friend. Shortly after, she left a bottle of wine in a gift bag on my doorstep with a note saying she hoped my day today was better. I mean. Wow. Clearly I wasn’t looking for anything other than a listening ear, but she took it so far as to make my day, heck, maybe my week, and also made me think about how in the midst of her busy life, two toddlers and an infant, she made time to brighten my day. And how I should follow her lead of thoughtfulness towards others in my daily life.


I’ve gathered up some ideas, many to the tune of free.

  • Give someone a compliment
    • A stranger once told me I had the most well behaved children. First I looked around to see who she was talking to. Then I about cried in gratitude as it was a better compliment than if someone were to compare me to a supermodel.
  • Send someone a hand-written note in the mail
    • A thank you or birthday card are always great, but send the unexpected. Just because. I have a friend who sends me a Mother’s Day card each year, which I think is so thoughtful coming from a friend.
  • Smile at a stranger
    • You sometimes don’t know how much it will brighten someone’s day.
  • Open the door for someone
    • I was juggling an armful of packages the other day walking into the post office when a kind woman saw me from inside and rushed over to open the door.
  • Send a friend a “just because” gift
    • Online shopping and see something that reminds you of a friend or family member? Why not send it to them?
  • Let someone know you appreciate them
    • My business sent out shirts to some contractors who work really hard for us. It was so cool to see the responses from the unexpected gift they received in the mail and felt good to let them know they are appreciated.
  • Make, and keep your appointments
    • I get revived from friend dates. Whether including the kids for a play date or the ever-coveted kid-free dinner, happy hour, etc. make time with your friends. And don’t cancel on them. Sick kids and life happen that force cancellations, but let them know they’re important to you by keeping that date with them and enjoy your time together.
  • Share some love on social media
    • People often take time to write a bad review of a restaurant or store when they’ve had a poor experience. Not as many take time to write about a great experience. Share a good experience. Words go a long way, both ways. Personally, like and comment on a post from a long lost friend.

In the end, just be nice. It will go so far. And know that I’ve written this list as much as a reminder to myself as anyone else. So hold me to it!

What acts of kindness have you done to brighten someone’s day, or has someone done for you? Please share in the comments, we’d love to hear!

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