Fun Things To Stock In A Play Purse For Your Mini Me To Be Just Like Mama

Anyone feel like they can solve most of the world’s problems with the magical tools you carry in your purse? And look forward to seeing those Cosmo articles about what celebs carry in their bags?

little girl play purse with household items

I think our obsession for purses and all the goodness inside starts at a young age. My sister and I might give our mom a hard time about keeping everything 🤷🏼‍♀️ (hello preschool drawings, elementary school pics and high school homecoming mums that got handed back to us once we had our own homes). But boy does she put together a play good purse with a lot of the things us no-clutter folks toss. It makes for hours of imaginative play, and Fynn and Genevieve get to be like mama. Take a page out of CC’s book if you want to win mom/grandma/aunt points by stocking a purse for your little mini. Here are some things you can put in that purse, many of them things you might have around the house. The “real” things are even better than toys you could buy (old phone vs. play phone, makeup, etc.)

Topknots & Takeout play purse ideas

  • Used gift cards
  • Makeup compact (without makeup)
  • Brush/comb
  • Old cell phone (those old flip phones or Blackberries are a gem or a play phone)
    • Side note – did you know they actually still sell Blackberry phones? Mind. Blown.
  • Keys, and on a fun key chain is even better
  • Old clicker of any kind (from a car, garage door, etc) or calculator
  • (dull) Nail file
  • Chapstick
  • Notepad with pencil or Crayon
  • Snack (if you’re going somewhere)

Topknots & Takeout mama daughter purse. Fun idea for little girls.

Can you think any other great gems to put in a play purse? We’d love to hear!


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