Fall Wardrobe Inspiration for the Little Dude in Your Life

There is a nasty rumor out there that ‘they’ don’t make cute boy clothes. Just not true. As the mom of both genders, it’s true there are more accessories and probably more variety for girls, but there are sooooo many cute boy clothes.

My little dude has developed quite a love for fashion over his extensive four year life span. He changes outfits more times per day than I do. Always a determined fella, he has strong opinions about what he will and will not wear. Funny enough, often it is me trying to get him to wear “play clothes” to school and to run around in, while he likes his button down shirts, jeans and cowboy boots. #stud

So, to help direct his clothing choices, I fill Del’s closet with pieces that we both like. For the most part, I’d say boy’s clothes lean more toward timeless than trendy, but when you see those trends that you love, you can always get those here-and-now things when they’re little knowing that they’ll grow out of it by next year and be onto the next thing.

Toddler Boy Fall Wardrobe

If you have a little guy, he (or likely you) probably have a defined style – preppy, hipster, athletic, southern, etc. Del mostly falls within the preppy category with a touch of hipster. Here are a few looks I have put together for fall inspo.

All American Boy

This rugby stripe hoodie, cords and sneaker boots is one of my favorites. You could dress this down some with jeans or joggers and sneakers. Comfy either way and a classic cute look.

toddler boy rugby stripe hoodie, cords, sneaker boots, j crew, gap kids

Game Day Ready

No matter your team, I bet your family roots for your alma mater or favorite pro team. I couldn’t pass up this adorable Texas Tech flannel at Red Raider Outfitter. Sports team attire has really stepped up their game in the past years. Gone are the days where you have sport an itchy ugly tee if you want wear your team pride. This flannel with Del’s favorite – his boots and jeans. Mini college boy before my eyes. Nnnnnoooooooooo!!!!

toddler boy football game watching outfit: flannel texas tech shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, red raider, lubbock

Saturday Vibes

Casual, comfy and stylish in these cute army green joggers and half-zip pullover. Around the house, out and about, traveling – you could take this outfit anywhere.

toddler boy army green joggers, adidas sneakers, 1/2 zip ralph lauren pullover, t-shirt

Neon Pop + Sherpa Vest

Did you read Christiane’s fashion post for women? She’s good. You should if you haven’t. Who says girls have to have all the fun? I love neons on littles and this Patagonia vest keeps things cozy. PS – these are legit busted knee jeans in the truest form. Passed down from cousin Jake and worn some last year by Del, they’re my favorite jeans of his.

toddler boy neon button tee, patagonia sherpa vest, ralph lauren jeans, adidas sneakers, j crew

Sunday Style

This little preppy number could be taken to picture day, school program, church, or anywhere you need a step above jeans and polished look. Love these sneaker boots for comfort and style. And I can’t ever get enough of stripes. Keeping it classic.

toddler boy sunday style: strip sweater, cords, sneaker boots, h&m, gap, j crew

Camo Mania

Again, dudes can share in on the trending fun, including camo. The blue collar on this button tee makes it super fun. Jeans, hoodie and sneaks, and your little dude is off for his next adventure.

toddler boy casual outfit: DKNY jeans, camo shirt, hoodie, adidas sneakers

Where I shop for Del:

If you have been bored with toddler/little boy clothes, I hope you’ve found some inspiration here! Would love to hear your comments!

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