Amazing Amazon: What we always have in our carts and why you should too

What’s Always in Our Shopping Cart……

Back in the old days, I would need something….a new face wash, for example.  I want something that cleans my face well, but isn’t too drying, it doesn’t leave my face oily either.  It definitely can’t make me break out.  I wonder if anyone else has had good results with this particular face wash that I’m looking at?  It seems kind of expensive, so does that mean it’s good?

Enter Amazon.  All of my dreams have come true.  All products, all prices, all reviews, and FREE shipping at my door, and I don’t even have to load my toddler and two bigs up. Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  I don’t know if I would say I buy EVERYTHING on Amazon.  Just almost everything.  Here’s a short list of things Erica and I like to keep coming when the stock gets low.  Some of these things might be your faves, and you might find some new favorites too.

Japanese Wash Cloths

Japanese Wash Cloths

Weird….maybe, but I use them every day.  I even take them with me when I travel.  I love how they exfoliate my skin, and they make self tanner go on much more evenly.

Collagen Peptides

Collagen Peptides

I started using this in my coffee about a year ago, and let’s just say….if you don’t notice the difference, your hair dresser will.  My hair and nails grow twice as fast, my nails are stronger, and I think my skin looks a little better.  Another benefit for me is that I have bad joints (my knees are always cracking), and I have considerably less trouble with that when I take collagen regularly.  I just do one scoop in my coffee in the morning.

Retinol Moisturizer

Retinol Moisturizer

You always hear about using retinol on your face to reduce/prevent dark spots and fine lines.  This is an inexpensive retinol moisturizer (with 2.5% retinol!) that you don’t need a prescription to buy.  I’ve been using it in my nightly routine for over a year with great results, and I will continue to use it.

Rahda Rosehip Oil

nighttime routine, face oil, love your face

I love this stuff.  It’s the last thing I put on my face at night before I go to bed.  It adds a little extra moisture to my face without making it greasy, and one bottle lasts a looooong time.

Revision Brightening Facial Wash

face wash, love your face, nighttime routine

This has been my go-to face wash for as long as I can remember.  You can buy it at medical day spas, or dermatologist’s offices, but I have had great luck buying it on Amazon, and I love the convenience.  It’s  all the things I want in a face wash, and when you find a good thing, you stick with it.

Moroccanoil Root Boost

Hair Products, Hair Boost, Root Boost, Love your hair, big hair don't care

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this stuff is a game changer for me.  When I start to run low, I order two more just to make sure I never go without it.  I love this stuff.  It makes me look like I have twice as much hair as I have, and I can go twice as long in between washing my hair.  Score.

Lash Lengthener


On one visit to Lubbock, Christiane’s lashes were noticeably longer. I asked her what her secret was and have been using it ever since. Now, people ask me about my lashes and if they’re real. This is such an easy and affordable way to get longer, fuller lashes and quickly.

They’re Real Mascara


Yep, same one from my beauty post. I love this mascara. It lengthens, makes your lashes look fuller and doesn’t clump up. I’ve tried a number of drugstore mascaras that just don’t compare.

Brightening Eye Patches

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 9.24.54 AM

I’ve mentioned these before, but these are an instant eye de-puffer and brightener. Put these puppies on for 30 min. in the morning while you’re making coffee, before you put on your makeup, and you’re back in business. The price makes them a no-brainer.

Bullet Proof Brain Octane Oil


I make Bullet Proof Coffee every morning. Nope, no SB for this gal. Keith makes the coffee, I blend and drink. While there are many ways to use brain octane oil, I use it in my coffee, along with collagen peptides (see above) and ghee. Here are the benefits, as listed from their website.

  • Reliable and quick source of energy from fat not sugar
  • Helps your body burn fat
  • Supports cognitive performance
  • Quality fats that don’t weigh you down
  • Distilled from 100% pure coconut oil

Purple Shampoo & Conditioner

purple shampoo

This one is for you blondies out there. Our SIL, Kristen, always has the best, looks like she just walked out of the salon, blonde. She filled me in on her little secret about The Perfect Blonde purple shampoo and conditioner. It totally brightens that blonde mane. I am a strict eight week between highlights kind of gal, and other than the growth that needs to be touched up at the roots (I’m on week eight), this shampoo and conditioner have definitely made a huge difference in the keeping the brassy, yellow tones away.

Whether you were in the market for new health and beauty products or didn’t even know you were missing out on some greatness, we hope you find some of your new Amazon go-to’s. Do you have any have-to-have Amazon staples we’ve missed? Let us know!





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