Topknots & Takeout lifestyle bloggers Christiane and Erica of Lubbock and Fort Worth TexasMeet the Sisters

We’re Christiane and Erica, sisters living uneven parallel lives in different Texas cities. In the midst of our busy lives, we find time to talk daily, which is always the high point of our day. Whether mundane, amusing or meaningful, conversation keeps us connected. On the phone during one of our daily talks, Christiane said to Erica “we should start a blog together.” And so we did. Follow us on Instagram @topknots_and_takeout for a daily dose of life, style and stories and subscribe to our blog to catch the in-depth convos. We’re happy to have you along for the ride!

Christiane Wheatley
Lubbock, TX

The older (and surely wiser) sister of the duo.  Wife to Jordan, mom to Ava (11), Jake (7), and Genevieve (2).  Our business is home building in Lubbock, and although I don’t help with the design aspect of the company anymore, I have, and will always enjoy interior design.  Aside from the blog, I stay plenty busy with my three littles in school, and extra curricular activities.  When we’re not running in a million different directions, my most favorite thing to do is cook at home, and be with my family (even Genebeast).

Erica Diamond
Fort Worth, TX

Thirty-something wife to Keith, mama to Del (4) and Fynn (2) and step-mom and Ella (11). Lover of my family, outdoors, travel, coffee, adventure, working out, fashion and wine. By day I am an owner of an alcoholic beverage promotions company. I always have a to-do list 10 miles long and a laundry pile even higher. I have no more free time than the man on the moon, so obviously blogging was a no-brainer. 😉

Come inside, stay a while

  • Why did you want to start a blog together?
    • We get energy from bouncing things off each other. We each follow a number of bloggers on Instagram and read their blogs and love the tips and camaraderie many of them provide. While alike in many ways, we have unique styles and experiences and decided blogging would be a fun way for us to connect even more and hopefully with other women around the world. It has been such a fun creative outlet for us both.
  • Where did the name “Topknots & Takeout” come from?
    • Since we’re a team of two, we wanted a two-part name. We played around with lots of different options that would fit our style and had not been used in any variation by any other blogger. We landed on Topknots & Takeout because it lends to casual but on trend style and a busy lifestyle.
  • What surprises have you encountered about blogging?
    • How time consuming and hard it is! Seriously! You see all these bloggers with beautiful photos and a million followers and they make it look easy. I have a deeper respect for their work, because it truly is that – work! It takes time, planning and passion to make it all come together.
  • What do you hope to achieve from Topknots & Takeout?
    • Going back to why we started, it was a way for us to connect with each other and with other women. We love hearing about a great life hack, sale, gotta-have product, recipe, etc. as do many other women. The good ol’ www and social media really have no cap on the number of people who can be in this space, so we hope to be a resource that many people find both entertainment and value in. One of the most important things we have learned in life (and especially parenthood), is that you have to keep a sense of humor. We like to keep things light-hearted and fun and be a place that people will enjoy and want to come back to. Being a lifestyle blog, we cover a wide range of topics and content, so we hope that many people can find something for them here.